Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's gonna' be a long thirteen years

Teena has started kindergarten! She has the same teacher that Genea had, which is great. In our school district the people in charge make an effort to match a family with the same series of teachers. So as Teena goes through elementary school she will have all the same teachers that Genea had.  We know then what to expect and we know the routines. The teacher knows us, and presumably then knows that some of Teena's forms will be late and sometimes (often) Teena will be late. She also knows that Teena's parents are going to be extremely dedicated to her and will take equal responsibility for her education.

Mrs E will send home several optional activities every week based on the subjects they are learning. So they might be learning about the seasons and a letter of the alphabet and we might get a worksheet to practice writing and a suggested activity to collect fallen leaves. Genea rarely worked any of the optional homework in kindergarten. Mostly we were focused on keeping her head attached to her neck while it spun around. In those days, she could make it through an entire school day without incident but dissolved into the Wango Tango every day after school. I didn't mind. I can handle the Wango Tango if she can  maintain and learn in school. Better to have The Crazy visit us at home than anywhere else! Anyway, Teena watched Genea do her first grade homework all last year and has been waiting, dying, to get her own homework, and finally she has.

So Teena got a worksheet to do and sat down at the homework table to write.

She sighed.

She sighed again.

She grunted.

"This stinks", she said. "I HATE homework"!

It was the second week of kindergarten.

She was working on the letter B.

You have a long road ahead of you Teena. (I suspect I do too).


  1. So I'm thinkin': Homeschooling is not her thing. Right?

  2. good luck. i have a k and 1st grader too here and no one looks forward to homework

    It's only the begining...

  4. As a sassy first grader back when first grade was really just that and kindergarten only existed in private school land, I tried to quit school. Upon completing the letter o, I informed my father that I had all the knowledge I needed so I was done. Funny thing, I'm still in school and homework still stinks! At least grading it does.


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