Friday, July 26, 2013

and we go on

We all miss our little cat Bailey. We keep "seeing" him places, the corner of something white catching us off guard for a moment, oh! there he is! But he isn't.

In an effort to let Boo Boo, our gray tabby, know that they love him so much, the girls are making extra sure they show him. I don't know if it's that they miss Bailey and want to hang around a cat, or if they think Boo must be lonely now that he is an "only" cat. Unfortunately, Boo doesn't particularly care for children. All those sudden movements, the unpredictable shrieking, the desire to pet a cat who does not want to be petted, meh, he'd just as soon have nothing to do with them. Plus he is 16. So he's not likely to change

Horror of horrors, they even want to pick him up. So demeaning.
To date, he has not scratched either of their faces off. I think they are quite lucky.

So, they merrily push ahead, trying hard to make friends with a cat who strongly feels he has enough friends.

Oh Boo Boo.


Thank you so much for all the kind words left on the last post comments. I keep reading them over, even though they make me teary a little. Our cats are our family. Lots of people feel the same. It's horrible to lose one but I guess it would be more awful not to have had them

I will be getting back to the previous subject in a few days to finish it out. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, that pic of BooBoo in the tiara is priceless. Love it.
    After my parent's dog passed we were sure she was still "with us" even years after she wasn't. We would hear her claws walking on the wood flors, we would hear the tinkling of her collar, I would swear to you she still prowled the house. Take your time grieving Bailey. Grief has no timeline.

    1. Every time I open a door to outside I habitually jam a foot in there to block Bailey from running out, still. Maybe your parents dog was still with you? I swear the same happened with our family dog as a kid.
      Isn't that picture funny? I love it, it's on my phone lock screen.
      Guess what? I put in threaded comments and just remembered!

  2. Your posts about little Bailey are so touching, I've shed a little tear for him and you. I'm such an animal lover and we have many pets, your sadness is well known to me xx

    I wanted to drop by and thank you for all your support on my blog. I'm going to delete it because it's full of so much angst and sadness and I feel the need to exorcise it! Your comments have always been so welcome and I really wanted to thank you for the time you always took to support me. I shall continue to drop by here and see how you all are xx

    1. Helen, thank you so much! I love to hear that and I hope your days are getting better.
      Yeah, its totally unfair that pets have such a short life span. Seriously.


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