Monday, June 16, 2008

The Clothes Ladies, The Clothes!

I had this weekend free from my children. Love the little darlings, but they are consistently poorly behaved in public and so I took the opportunity to do some errands, shopping etc.
Can I ask, has everyone stopped caring at all what they look like? My gawd, ladies grab a hair brush. Use it! We must dispose of the Mommy Uniform. Discard all tan capri's, crop or otherwise shortened khaki style pants. There is more to life than khaki! Just trash them, burn them, whatever. The accompanying cardigan, usually white, has to go as well. Put it in the diaper bin if need be, to get it out of your hands. And the t-shirts. Yikes. Ladies Please!!! Wearing clothes a size too big makes you look BIGGER! This does you NO favors. Lord and the little loafers, did we not have enough of those in the 80's?
Have I landed on some horrible planet where there is this ugly uniform?
And the hair. Wow. Frosty highlighted flippy shoulder length 'do's are a (help me people) disaster! Please, if anyone sees me approximating this hair, shoot me in the leg. If I can be hospitalized I might be able to sleep and come to my senses on my own. This 'do however, seems to be for the mothers of toddlers and elementary school children. The worst, the absolute worst comes from the mothers of middle school and high school age kids. They have clearly given up. I can understand how you can get into a rut, you spend all day at home and no one cares what you look like so why should you bother. You should bother.

These are often the people who say they live for their children. They dedicate their lives to the most important job there is, the raising of their mini selves. As if looking like shit were part of the job description. I am sure had I asked, these ladies would say oh I have no time for myself, it's all about my kids. I have to bake cupcakes for 200 at school and make the drama class costumes from scratch by tomorrow and I just have so many people that need me I cannot take care of myself.
Ladies, I have this to say. If you cannot and will not value yourself, how can you think anyone else will? I hear women all the time complain about how they are dumped on and taken advantage of by others. They hate to confront and will NOT say the word no because they want everyone to like them. Grow a set. Grow a big set.
Good and holy shit people! Brush your hair! Go to Target and pick a box of hair color! And for chrissake get rid of those tan pants and cardigans.
That's all. Yes, I do feel better now.

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