Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It's time to arrange a few things.

I have a blog list going on the sidebar here, and many of them are older than dirt. If you want your blog listed, I will be happy to pull my hair out, scream new cuss words, and ultimately, list your blog.

Giving out a BIG FAT THANK YOU to all the people who donated to our trip. I'm not sure how to manage  etiquette vs. personal information. To the following folks, MWAHHH!


I wanted to write out first names, but one is fairly distinctive and after all, I don't use MY real name here so I just did not want to risk any sort of anything. Anyway, seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been awed, each time I see a donation in my email, to think that people I've never met (some who have never even commented in the 6 years this blog has been around) are helping us out. It's amazing!

THANK YOU as well to people who bought a book! I have no way of knowing who you are, though out of the 6 there are only a couple mysteries, ha ha.

For fun, a few one-liners around here this week:

Genea: "I sure am glad I got stuck in a home I love"!

I came out of the shower and the mirror was fogged up except for the writing, which said, "I knew you were TROUBLE". Courtesy of Teena, the Taylor Swift fan.

Unknown family member: "Sometimes I go to grab a t-shirt from the laundry and grab underwear instead. They're both huge".

I have had the most brain splintering headache for 2 weeks now. I don't think it's allergies, but I don't know what it is. I want to smash my head through concrete because that would hurt less.

I am shocked and stunned by the news of Robin Williams suicide. I look at him, the homeless street person, and my daughter and see the same thing. It is a profound tragedy when a person cannot trust their own mind to accurately relay the world around or inside of them.


  1. You could certainly put my blog,though I'm not sure what it looks like when people come who aren't "invited". I HATE that. I don't know if you can tell either, but if you happen to know that they get a suggestion to ask me to get in, I'd love to be on your list.

    Just listening to the radio, and wishing they didn't feel the need to give details, because it is trauma trigger for me. Wonder why.

  2. mmm, I'll have to see if I can see what your blog comes up as if not invited and tell you. Blogger is quite rude about it, lol, not sure about wp.
    I'm sure the details are a trigger for you, ugh, I was thinking about you and your son when the news about RW broke. It's so unfair.

  3. Hope your headache goes away soon. Try a food journal, perhaps you've developed an intolerance to something. I was 29 when I became tyramine sensitive - no cheese, aged, or fermented foods. Love your stories. Thanks for writing.

    1. HUH! You were right! I realized after reading your comment that I bought up a bunch of Luna bars about 2 weeks ago. I've eaten many in my life, but this is a new type. Did not eat one today, and NO HEADACHE! Woot! Thanks!


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