Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hoping for Help!

Last year Genea started taking performing arts classes at a studio near by. She has been singing, dancing, acting, and most recently, tapping her little feet out for local audiences. At Christmas, the whole studio does a show at our largest venue and this year, it was filmed and shown on PBS stations across the state. So, it's a serious thing.

 She is somewhere in there, I swear!

Genea has gone from a shuddering, soggy, mess of hair to a sort- of confident and brave performer. She gets excited and struggles with a triple dose of overwhelming anxiety but to her, it's worth it to push through and try her best.

Girl can sing. Not just I'm-her- mom- I have- to -say-that sing, really sing. She has a beautiful, sweet voice with a natural vibrato that is startling to hear from a kid. She is starting private voice lessons in the fall, and earned her way to a higher level ensemble group at the studio.

So, am I just bragging or what?

Well, I'm super squeamish about this. My bragging is about to turn into begging.

This fall, the studio is taking a trip to New York City and Genea and I signed up! We will stay in Times Square and spend a lot of time in Broadway theaters. She will attend performance workshops, see a professional show and go back stage. Meet real actors and actresses, and be able to ask questions.

 NYC is an expensive place and the trip, while pricey, is within a reasonable range as far as these things go. The problem is, Genea and I have to have our own hotel room. Most people are sharing rooms, which cuts the cost down by a huge chunk. I guess if anyone has been reading here for a while, it is easy to imagine why we cannot share a room with another mom/daughter. Just Genea's medication list would probably scare the crap out of any regular family, not even considering the ocean front bedding issue. Regardless, it's going to be a LOT for Genea and so far out of her comfort zone she will be able to touch Jupiter. There's no way we could go if room sharing were required- thankfully we have the choice. We just have to pay for it.

*Begging Alert*
(argh, the hair on my legs is cringing I dread this so much)
If anyone out there should, you know, think they maybe might want to help out in the financial department here, there are a couple things.

I wrote a tiny little short 40+ page e-booklet about Reactive Attachment Disorder. For the longest time my biggest struggle with Genea was why. Why is this happening, why is this not working, why am I getting this reaction, why why why. I wrote down what I figured out, and threw in some tips, tricks and idea's. It probably sucks. Argh. Anyway.

It's available on It is called Parenting Pandora, Understanding Reactive Attachment Disorder. Written by me, Essie Johnson. It is priced at $12.99 which should result in an $8-$9 dollar donation for our trip. It can be purchased directly from Smashwords for any e-reader and in about a week it will show up on book retailer sites like Amazon, B&N, ibooks, etc.

I got the title, Parenting Pandora, from the Greek myth and not from the ipod app. Pandora was a goddess given all the best qualities at birth. At her wedding, she received a gift  from Zeus. When she opened the box, the evils of the world were released. All that was left in the box was hope.

"But wait Essie, what if I just want to send like, a thousand dollars but don't want your ebook"?
I thought of that! I put up a link to Pay Pal on the top left sidebar hoping for donations.

SO THERE YOU GO! I am sucking it up and doing this, lol. I know people do fundraisers all the time on blogs so I shouldn't be flipping my lid but I AM. I am actually planning to cut costs and take an electric kettle so we can sort-of- cook. I figure I can pack a bunch of protein bars, fruit, ramen noodles and instant coffee which should save us a couple hundred bucks. We are having a garage sale fundraiser for ourselves, and doing car wash fundraisers with the studio for group workshops.

If anyone can help us out it will be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!

AND, if you like the book and could link it on your facebook groups, message boards, twitter etc I would be SO happy!
(Click the words not the picture. Surely there is a way to imbed the link right in the picture but I surely do not know what that might be)


  1. I went with Kaytee on a similar trip years ago. It was AWESOME! I can definitely help out. I also want the book. I still need all the tips and tricks I can find! We are in the breakdown lane right now, what with the whole No-likey-changey thing. Vacation, then Mommy away for 9 days on a mission trip has led to serious RADish-ness.

    1. omg Wendy, thank you so much!!!!!
      The thing with going away is, you always come back! Unfortunately that doesn't help the change-crazies until next time.

    2. Did you get my donation? I think I clicked all the right things but really not a clue here. Lol! How is the fundraising going?

    3. Yes I did, THANK you so much! I should have said it specifically before, but that's what I meant by "omg Wendy, thank you so much !!!" lol, I really appreciate it, it helps a lot! I know, it's unnerving using "click money", especially when it doesn't verify.

  2. I am so envious of the way your daughter has been able to use performance to heal.... I hope maybe I can buy the book! I wonder if you'd consider taking money to blog more? Especially the TTTs which I loved so darned much!

    1. Lemme tell you, I'm as surprised as anyone! It's been amazing. ME, I was near vomiting watching her the first few times, lol.
      I know I offered YOU to do the TTT's, it still stands :)

  3. What? You're coming to NYC? You must contact me.

  4. I've read you forever but rarely comment. I love your writing, your devotion and your commitment to your family. I'm going to donate/paypal and wish I could do more.

    1. Oh Paula! Thank you so much! I am SO sorry, I wrote a note here to you about a week ago and I see that it never posted. Argh! Thank you for the donation AND the lovely comment!

    2. And I just double checked that this published! Arg, I feel so bad it didn't go through the first time!

  5. I sent a donation via PayPal yesterday. Hope it worked. I still am a bit leery of this newfangled technology - give me gold bullion and face to face transaction every time - lol. I am happy to help both of you have this experience. It will be something that will be a milestone for you to look back on years from now. I am also in the NYC area so if you want to meet to put a face to the name - just say the word. But it sounds like you will be super busy. Enjoy!

    1. I got it- YAY and THANK YOU! And it looks like it is all good. I get you on the new-fangled, the account took me like 3 days to set up and then I didn't know I had to confirm, etc, but now it's all set.
      I would LOVE to meet you! I'll send an email to the account you use here.

      I sent one to the account linked to your comment and it's a "noreply" account. Which, I have messed up 3 times now. If you see this, please email me!

  6. I sent you a donation via PayPal. I hope it worked. I am still a bit leery of this new dangled technology. Give me gold bullion and face to face transactions every time - lol. I am happy to help in a small way for you both to have this experience. I think it will be something that you will end up considering a milestone that you will look back on for years to come. I also live in the NYC are - so if you want to meet and put a face to the name just let me know. Although it sounds like you will be very busy. Enjoy the Big Apple!


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