Thursday, August 29, 2013

Once in awhile, it's awesome!

I received an email recently asking if I would be willing to help promote the new Barbie movie- Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess.

Ummmm, yeah sure okay.


'Cause if I didn't, there are 2 tween girls roaming this house who would make me pay for my egregious error in judgement for at least the next 8- 10 years. Quite likely more.

So I agreed to write a post, and the movie people sent us dolls featured in the movie, Barbie and Catania. The excitement! The thrill! The massive amount of cool mom points!

And so, while I'm not sure this is exactly what the marketing department had in mind, I'm going to tell a little story.

When Genea first arrived in our home at the age of 4, she brought all of her possessions with her. DVD's and VCR tapes included as well as tons of toys. Most everything was brand spanking new, as she refused to play with toys. Anyway, as I've noted in the past, she moved in and spent the next 4 years give or take screaming, tantrumming and flipping across the ceiling. The most I could hope for her to do, other than those preferred activities, was about 2 minutes with a book or 10 minutes of a PBS show. That's it. Oh, or sleeping. Though even sleep only allowed her peace for a few hours at a time.

Rest assured, I tried everything. Good idea's, recommended idea's, bad and even super sucky ideas. Nothing. She would do nothing longer than 10 minutes if it distracted her from her goal of 12 hours of screaming a day.

Except for one thing. In her boxes of precious possessions was included a Barbie movie. When she asked if she  could watch it, I agreed easily. Couldn't hurt. Might help.

Genea sat down and watched that Barbie movie from start to finish. It was a long one, about 2 hours, and it was amazing.

So when I say we are Barbie fans in this house, I mean more like super-fans. I mean like Packers fans don't got nothing on  us. In the early days, those Barbie movies were the only thing that could hold Genea's attention.

Well, both of my girls were beyond thrilled with the dolls. They played pretend with them for -I'm not kidding I swear- 3 hours straight. The dolls both convert from "normal Barbie's" to Awesomely Beautiful Fairy Princess Royalty with a little button. Here they are....

Teena was so excited in the morning morning she risked speaking to me before my coffee to say she had written a story about her doll and was going to read it to me!

Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess. Check it out.



  1. That's a very interesting marketing approach - a specific appeal to trauma-mamas needing a break. I like it!

    I want someone to beg ME to write a post about something. Or, for someone to re-generate TTTs; I do so much better when given a task, as it feels NECESSARY I write (I'm such a pleaser) whereas, otherwise, I feel GUILTY writing.

    1. Oh, and I should point out that the age and background of the child may be of import here, as actually the thing that can keep Tinka calm, focused and attentive for a lengthy period of time is Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.


    2. I must have gotten on a list somewhere, the offers come in batches. I have 2 books to review and give away coming!
      Maybe YOU could revive TTT's! Then you would have a huge obligation to write- and you could pick the topics to suit your stories.
      L&O? Yikes. I can see where that would be though.

  2. Wonder what it is about Barbie movies? My daughter did the same thing. When she had been here about a week or two, I found a Barbie move on the On Demand for cable and I put it on for her. I tell you she was hooked and now I think we have almost every Barbie movie and she will watch them all the time.

  3. yep, we have a lot more Barbie movies than I ever would have anticipated, lol. There are one or two that I think have great soundtracks to top it off. Whooda thunk it?


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