Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Messy Musings

I'm getting older than I used to be. I realized I'm not just looking exhausted and stressed, but that what I see is my actual face now. Ugh.  (If anyone saw my new  FB cover pic, rest assured about the only thing still me in that pic is my head).

One of Genea's teachers is pregnant and going on leave. I'm planning a field trip for all the teachers in our area. We are going to march on down to the Walgreens and visit the family planning section. Maybe show a video. I'm not about to do a show and tell but if need be, I'll find someone. Probably a teenager. I love me some happily attached babies, but people need to be having them over the summer.

Thanks to Seraphinalina for alerting me that the full video of shopping cart has been released. Woot! Here it is in all its glory  Killer Karts  . While I hold bitter, resentful thoughts toward any stores that use quiet plastic carts instead of metal, I have to admit those plastic ones maneuver nicely. Smashing them is nowhere near the fun though.

This happened:

Her name is Bella

Poor Teena. She has wanted a calico kitten for ages. The Mama cat was in the same cage and when we took the baby out, she cried and reached her paws through the wire trying to grab her baby. Teena sobbed and begged to take them both home. We take Mother- Baby separation seriously around here. However, we did not take the Mama home.  Note that The Husband was NO HELP being practical and logical on the issue. This is my pathetic and unsuccessful effort to cheer her up.


Boo Boo does not like the kitten. He does not like anything. While the picture is adorable, when he eventually awoke and realized this invasion was happening he hopped up, hissed at her, and left. He then turned and gave me a look clearly meant to communicate abject betrayal.

Bindi, now Bindi loves the baby.

I  think everyone should have a kitten. There is nothing cuter! She loves to pull the drain plugs out of the sinks. Which is vile. But she's still cute. OMG SO MUCH CUTE!!!


Bindi continues to be kind of a bruiser. She loves Genea most and sneaks off into her bed all the time. She also loves gloves. Not sure what that's about, but she digs them out and carries them around the house while yelling. Unless a person comes along, then she's invisible. We call them her glove babies.

(took this picture in the fall!) No one knows how that glove got there. In fact, I'm not sure I even see a glove.

I had 5 inches of hair removed from my head. Has one single ingrate that I live with noticed? No. I posted a pic of Genea and I on facebook and four people, including two I've never met, commented on my hair. I just know if I put their clean goddam socks on my head, they'd notice.

AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I got a paying  job. Substitute paraprofessional at not-our schools. There can be any range of duties, its mostly 1:1 to 1:5 "aide" work with kids who need extra help. I'm finding a few issues with myself immediately that I need to work on. First, I have to stop paying attention to the teacher! I catch myself listening attentively as if I were the one being taught, LOL! The other is my inclination to therapize with the *ahem* challenging kids. I'm all like, "Are you feeling nervous because your regular para isn't here?". And, "lets do a firm  pressure massage on your arms to see if that helps you calm down". As much as I like to think I'm being intuitive and helpful, the job is to make sure the kids get their work done. Nobody cares what the kid is feeling, and it's someone elses job to figure it out. I'm there to make sure assignments get finished.

I have this idea for like a group post. I can't be the only one with dozens of half finished, or un-edited, or forgotten posts started. So my idea is we start posting them in all their half assed glory and link them up. Edit them, clarify them, leave them as is, whatever. I'm still thinking of a name for it, maybe Ghost Posts? Or Dead Post Society? LOL, leave a comment if you're interested. Or just leave a comment about other stuff.



  1. Love your cats. I love cats but BG has some sort of irrational fear of them. Maybe she knows something I don't know....

    Phooey on the people who didn't notice your hair cut. Phooey.

    I'm in for the post idea. How does that work? You start a post, maybe write a paragraph and then pass it on to someone to write the next paragraph and so on, or do we all write something from the same prompt, kind of like:
    As I opened my laptop I noticed that the page was opened to a different page than the one I had been on...

    What? It's better than "It was a dark and stormy night...." right?

    1. PHOOEY ON THEM IS RIGHT! Along with a few other things going to be on them soon!
      Well that's not exactly the idea I had, but I like it! I have a bunch of posts that I never published for many reasons, mainly laziness. Also some that just need a once- over, others are just a sentence or two that were never elaborated on. My idea was that a bunch of bloggy people could post one of those lost posts every day for like a week, and then everyone who is playing would link up others.
      But I love the idea of other people finishing my half written ones- lol!

  2. Congratulations on the job, the haircut and the kitten! Your life is full. :)

    (Now go get that momma cat!)

    No half-finished posts to contribute. I either post or don't. Or I post only a single sentence.

    1. LOL, kate you are no help either! She's been adopted at this point so its all good.
      So, tell the truth kate, youre a Classic Type A aren't you?

    2. LOL--maybe. But I'm an awfully lazy, messy Type A. :)

      I just write. And, um, I don't edit or polish my posts, though, perhaps I should. So, once it's written, it's written.

      I do have some posts I wrote and then decided not to post…but that's different.

    3. I'm still suspicious. VERY suspicious.

  3. I am still worried about the mama cat, adopted or not. Like you want YEARS of cat-THERAPY ahead of you???

    I love the "Dead Post Society"; I'm in. I bet I can find them somewhere. When you like to write and even imagine that you sometimes do it well, it is so frustrating to write less than stellar posts. Though, I have to say I have noted that the more meaningful, deep and thought-provoking I think a post is, the fewer comments I get. I write seven "Quick Takes" about my laundry and everyone comes out of the woodwork to comment. I don't know that what that's about.

    1. oh crap, cat therapy????? The worst part is, I know you're right....
      Your laundry is fascinating :) I find the more I try to predict what will resonate with people, the more I discover I have no idea!

  4. First you are as cute as a button with or without a new haircut! And I should know - after all I did meet you in person! Second congrats on the new (not so new now since it took me ages to comment) job. And just keep doing what feels right to you - I am sure that you bring a lot of knowledge to the situation that others don't have so you will be teaching those around you as you deal with each situation. And finally the new cat is so cute I cannot stand it! I am so jealous - I love kitten energy so just enjoy and I am sure that Boo Boo AKA Mr Grouchy Pants will come around to tolerating the kitten soon. My fingers are crossed that it happens really soon for all your sakes.

  5. Welllllllllllll, I'm not going to argue with you! LOL!
    Its a tricky part of the job that I spend my time up close and personal with the kid, without knowing them and then leaving forever at the end of the day. I just gotta find a balance.
    I love kitten energy too! I think it drives a lot of people crazy but I love to watch her go nutty, its so fun. I just got a laser pointer and that's just the best thing ever!


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