Monday, May 19, 2014

Meds Like Candy

I contacted Genea's psychiatrists office and let the nurse know we were having some issues.

This is not a seamless process. Her psychiatrist used to have a local office but moved across the state. Now we do "tele-med" with him, and our visits are a live video consult.  I requested an increase in our Awesome Med. Then the nurse calls me back to tell me what he prescribes. Here's how it goes:

1. I call and leave a message for the nurse stating clear details
2. She calls back to verify everything I just said
3. Nurse calls the doctor and leaves a message
4. Doctor calls nurse back
5. Nurse calls me back to tell me everything the doctor said.

(a side note, they asked me to fill out an opinion survey and I was all like, HELL YEAH this is great! I'd rather tele-med than go on a vacation to see the castles of Ireland! Its SO GREAT! I want to do all our appointments like this!  Actually, I don't care for it. However I am not about to lose access to another child psych!).

Anyway, I would love to know where are all those doctors who hand out pills like candy because I have never met one. Seems I'm forever reading crap about that as news. Nobody wants to "throw a bunch of pills" at my kid. We have a hundred hoops to jump through and that's okay.

He recommends a small increase, as I thought he would, then wants to see her in a week.

At that appointment, he asked me for an example of the explosiveness. The other day, Genea was sitting at the kitchen table taking her medications. She stopped in the middle to ask me if she could try on her summer clothes to see what still fit. I could have told her "yes, after you finish" in a therapeutic parenting way but really, she had screwed around so much already,  I told her instead to focus on her medicine. Besides, I put out the girls summer clothes a week earlier.

At any rate, the explosion came. Screaming, stomping, banging, throwing, crying and general hysteria, so I sent her to her room to calm down. When she returned to the table, within mere seconds she had another shrieking fit when I told her to finish up instead of refilling the cats water dish.

So, he increased her anti-anxiety medication too, and wants to see her in another week. So far, no significant changes for bad or for good.

It's a good thing I'm not working right now. I don't know how parents with paying jobs do it. She has had 4 medical appointments in the past 2 weeks, but she is not alone! Her sister has had 2 as well. Not to mention my contact lenses have turned to crust so I had an eye doctor appointment today.


  1. Besides the actual time spent at the doctor's office, there is the scheduling and the deciding what to ask for/have looked at, etc, etc, etc. It is soooooo time consuming. Kudos to you for keeping it all together.

    1. Well, I don't work a "paying" job, so that helps hugely!
      But yeah- figuring it all out is a job in itself! Trying to figure out what is really an issue vs what might be temporary, or caused by something else, it's HARD!

    2. I'm with you on that one. Half the time I don't know if all of it is freak out worthy or just mildly alarming. Or some where in between....

  2. Fingers crossed for a good result!

  3. I've just read your entire blog from start to here, it was really interesting! I love the way you write! Thank you.

    1. O!M!G! That's awesome! And thank you for the compliment! I really do appreciate it :)


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