Monday, March 10, 2014

The Stovepipe Winner

Dun dun DUNNNNN (drama music)

We drew a name from here:

That's a juniper Fiesta Ware mug
It's Teena's turn to pick, she is very excited.
She takes her job seriously and stirs up names with great concentration.
Ok Teena, my hair is getting old. 
She makes a selection!
The winner is.....
So! Please email me your address and I will send out your book right away. My email is....
For the sad folks who didn't win, I'm sorry. There are a few people who enter every time and have yet to win. However, if you want the book you can buy it right here The Stovepipe .  But hurry- as I'm writing this there are only 4 copies left!


  1. I'll buy the book because your description sounded like it was something interesting -- so thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I am probably going to buy, thanks for sharing!


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