Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where's the Beef?

So, I stumble back onto my blog after a lengthy break. I discover just about every site I have on my blog list hasn't updated in years. I got no new blogs to read. Seriously, there are 2 blogs that I regularly participate on. I need more. Who has more?

Now that gaggle reader is gone, I'm having trouble finding a good feed reader. I am using Feedly, which I like, but keep messing it up. I just discovered a list of 93 blog posts that I missed on there. Now how the hell did that happen? Thus, my problem.  I love that so many sites are streamlining their look. However, I can't figure out how to set it up and keep it that way because it's all too vague.

I tried Blog Lovin', despite the title which makes me feel cringe-ie like a 12 year old Justin Bieber fan. I don't care for them because they stick random blog posts in the middle of your feed list. Like, about cooking and shit I don't care for.
Where are people getting their blog lists from?

Some other things I have issues with today:

It's so cool that manufacturers are using re-sealable bags. Like with some cereals. Or shredded cheese. But why won't they make sliding thingies that work? Either I rip the whole thing removing the easy to remove tab, or the bag doesn't seal no matter how well I line up the edges. Seems so pointless to go to the expense for a frustrating lack of payoff. Why.

That reminds me. You know that "open here" spot on the side of a box of mac and cheese?  You are supposed to push your finger into the half-oval shaped perforations and the box will peel right open so you may behold the glory that is dried noodles and cheese- colored powder. Question- has anyone ever successfully done that? I mean using the directions as stated, and ended up with a well opened box with contents not on the floor? I can open the box from the side if I take out a steak knife, violently stab it, then peel, but that's cheating.



  1. Welcome back! I've missed you blogging.

    I think Feedly's quite good... no more or less annoying than google reader was!

  2. i have gotten used to Bloglovin' now. I haven't seen the 'unsolicated' posts recently though.

  3. I've got feedly, but I do'nt really like it.

    For new blogs, I recommend my blog roll! To be honest, I read off there most of the time at the moment. I liked GR. I'm sad it's gone.

  4. many many blog buddies have gone.... sigh.

    any-who... i also use the stab it with a steak knife method.


  5. Oh, yes; of course you stab it! Otherwise, you hurt your thumb. I think their perforations are only for looks. A bad joke.

    I just us the dashboard...but as you know from my own plaintive cry too many people's kids got old enough that they don't want to embarrass them....or something.

  6. Thanks for the laugh today!

  7. I use bloglovin'. I found the format of feedly annoying. There is really nothing as good as google reader, though. :(

  8. I admit, I use Claudia's blog as my reader. :-)

  9. lol, so no one else likes the options for readers either? Aaaaand, I'm not alone in stabbing open the boxes. Good to know it's not just a deficiency on my part.
    Totally going to check out Claudia's blog for a reader. If anyone doesn't know she just published a book, so click her to go to her site and check it out!

  10. I am so glad you are blogging again!

  11. I use blog lovin' and don't get unsolicited posts 0.o It isn't as good as google reader though! I don't know what blogs you usually read but my current favourites are findingmagnolia dot com and shamozal.blogspot dot com and :)

  12. I use other blogs on my sidebar and I do use Bloglovin even though I do not like the name. Glad to see you back.

  13. hmm, will have to check out your list!
    Yeah that is really a silly name. Hard to take it seriously! But I just missed a whole 'nother slew of posts on feedly so, I might have to suck it up :)


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