Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where's the Beef?

So, I stumble back onto my blog after a lengthy break. I discover just about every site I have on my blog list hasn't updated in years. I got no new blogs to read. Seriously, there are 2 blogs that I regularly participate on. I need more. Who has more?

Now that gaggle reader is gone, I'm having trouble finding a good feed reader. I am using Feedly, which I like, but keep messing it up. I just discovered a list of 93 blog posts that I missed on there. Now how the hell did that happen? Thus, my problem.  I love that so many sites are streamlining their look. However, I can't figure out how to set it up and keep it that way because it's all too vague.

I tried Blog Lovin', despite the title which makes me feel cringe-ie like a 12 year old Justin Bieber fan. I don't care for them because they stick random blog posts in the middle of your feed list. Like, about cooking and shit I don't care for.
Where are people getting their blog lists from?

Some other things I have issues with today:

It's so cool that manufacturers are using re-sealable bags. Like with some cereals. Or shredded cheese. But why won't they make sliding thingies that work? Either I rip the whole thing removing the easy to remove tab, or the bag doesn't seal no matter how well I line up the edges. Seems so pointless to go to the expense for a frustrating lack of payoff. Why.

That reminds me. You know that "open here" spot on the side of a box of mac and cheese?  You are supposed to push your finger into the half-oval shaped perforations and the box will peel right open so you may behold the glory that is dried noodles and cheese- colored powder. Question- has anyone ever successfully done that? I mean using the directions as stated, and ended up with a well opened box with contents not on the floor? I can open the box from the side if I take out a steak knife, violently stab it, then peel, but that's cheating.



  1. Welcome back! I've missed you blogging.

    I think Feedly's quite good... no more or less annoying than google reader was!

  2. i have gotten used to Bloglovin' now. I haven't seen the 'unsolicated' posts recently though.

  3. I've got feedly, but I do'nt really like it.

    For new blogs, I recommend my blog roll! To be honest, I read off there most of the time at the moment. I liked GR. I'm sad it's gone.

  4. many many blog buddies have gone.... sigh.

    any-who... i also use the stab it with a steak knife method.


  5. Oh, yes; of course you stab it! Otherwise, you hurt your thumb. I think their perforations are only for looks. A bad joke.

    I just us the dashboard...but as you know from my own plaintive cry too many people's kids got old enough that they don't want to embarrass them....or something.

  6. I use bloglovin'. I found the format of feedly annoying. There is really nothing as good as google reader, though. :(

  7. I admit, I use Claudia's blog as my reader. :-)

  8. lol, so no one else likes the options for readers either? Aaaaand, I'm not alone in stabbing open the boxes. Good to know it's not just a deficiency on my part.
    Totally going to check out Claudia's blog for a reader. If anyone doesn't know she just published a book, so click her to go to her site and check it out!

  9. I am so glad you are blogging again!

  10. I use blog lovin' and don't get unsolicited posts 0.o It isn't as good as google reader though! I don't know what blogs you usually read but my current favourites are findingmagnolia dot com and shamozal.blogspot dot com and :)

  11. I use other blogs on my sidebar and I do use Bloglovin even though I do not like the name. Glad to see you back.

  12. hmm, will have to check out your list!
    Yeah that is really a silly name. Hard to take it seriously! But I just missed a whole 'nother slew of posts on feedly so, I might have to suck it up :)


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